Taxpayer's $2.3 Billion Stake In CIT Group Worth $0

Total loss.

Praise Mao.

You love it.

The Street reports:

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The U.S. Treasury has officially lost its entire $2.33 billion TARP investment in CIT Group(CIT Quote), according to a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission after Monday’s closing bell.

The Treasury made the investment in CIT in December 2008, but CIT then ran into trouble after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.refused to guarantee its debt, as the FDIC did for larger lenders, including General Electric(GE Quote) and large banks like Citigroup(C Quote), Bank of America(BAC Quote) and Wells Fargo(WFC Quote). CIT ended up filing for bankruptcy protection on Nov. 1 but was able to reorganize and return to a public listing on Dec. 10.

Contrary to what many assumed, the bankruptcy filing did not extinguish all hope for a taxpayer recovery. The Treasury and other preferred shareholders received complex securities called contingent value rights (CVRs) which could have been worth something if CIT Group’s stock had reached the mid-50s ahead of Monday’s session, according to the estimate of another investor who held CVRs.