German Goddess Flips Off Greeks


Giving Greece The Bird

Zero Hedge reports:

Have we just crossed the historic Rubicon when a photoshopped classical statue is about to lead to a collapse in a monetary and customs union, and possibly something a tad more serious?

Also, is the KFW bailout rumor too little too late? It appears the Greeks are two minutes away from saying “take your bailout and shove it.”

The reason: The Focus cover which shows a status of Venus de Milo flipping off the Greeks, who were characterized as the “cheats of the eurozone.” After recent Greek media outbursts have recalled the Nazi wartime occupation of the country, as well as demands for WWII reparations, today’s action by the Federation of Greek Consumers, calling for a boycott of products made by “banana-eating” Germans, is a direct response to the airbrushed statue of Venus expressing the communal German sentiment.

I love the “boycott of products made by banana-eating Germans” bit.


As usual, the comments are just as hilarious:

Soon enough the rattling of German Tiger tanks will be heard on the streets of Athens.

This is awesome!!!!

I want to see Germany invade and make the Greeks their bitches.

How do they separate the men from the boys in Greece? …..With a crowbar.

That’s hysterical.

Greece to Germany: We’re not going to buy any more of your stuff.

Germany to Greece: “You’re broke, moron.”

Greece to Germany: “Oh yeah.”

Germany to Greece: “On second thought, how’d you like to buy a punch in the mouth? They’re free today”

Praise Grease