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Villaraigosa considers a carbon surcharge for DWP customers

The extra revenue would be used to move the utility from coal to wind, solar and geothermal sources of energy. The mayor wants 20% of the agency’s power to come from renewables by December.

While Villaraigosa has been talking publicly about the need for the city to tighten its belt, his advisors have been working behind the scenes to gauge public support for a monthly DWP “carbon surcharge” of $2.50 — one that would move the utility away from coal and toward wind, solar and geothermal sources of energy.

“Without a carbon surcharge . . . the DWP is going to start going backwards on the renewable portfolio,” he said.

Praise Mayor King Antonio.  Had he not had the courage to take $2.50 more of my money, the planet would have been destroyed.