Hazmat crews respond to Utah IRS office (Possible Bio Attack)

MSNBC reports:

Two people removed on stretchers; decontamination showers deployed

OGDEN, Utah – Hazardous materials crews and the FBI were on the scene Monday at the IRS building in Ogden, Utah, where several people were subjected to decontamination showers.

Two people were taken out of the building on stretchers for “medical emergencies,” but their conditions “do not appear to be related to this incident,” said the the FBI, which is leading the investigation. It released no further details.

The IRS confirmed that “an unknown substance” was discovered but also gave no further details. Local news reports suggested that a suspicious white powder may have been found in mail delivered to the facility.

Developing news.

Al Gore has released this statement to the press:

We sometimes emphasize the danger in a crisis without focusing on the opportunities that are there. We should feel a great sense of urgency because it is the most dangerous crisis we have ever faced, by far. But it also provides us with opportunities to do a lot of things we ought to be doing for other reasons anyway. And to solve this crisis we can develop a shared sense of moral purpose.

Al went on to say that killing people by Anthrax is an excellent way to reduce anthropogenic warming.