Mainstream Media Getting Desperate With Propaganda


You should take the time to listen to this video breakdown of a recent MSNBC interview with a SPLC racist fear monger.

The communists on MSNBC show a brief violent Hollywood movie clip, then state the Oath Keepers and Constitution party are full of violent racist extremists that hate the government.  No evidence was given to support this other than the Hollywood movie clip.

While the Constitution party certainly hates our current tyrannical government, I’ve never once heard a report about them being violent or racist.  Nor have I ever heard anything violent or racist about the Oath Keepers.  In fact they are very diverse organizations.

Leave it up to the SPLC and MSNBC to put forth the idea that people who hate big government are criminal racist violent thugs.  In the mean time, the IRS raided and violently arrested thousands of Americans for not giving Uncle Sam his protection money.

Fuck you SPLC – you are a bunch of lying sacks of shit that are more racist and anti-American than the “hate” groups you target.  A little more on the SPLC’s involvement with terrorists here.