Government Helping The Elderly In Action

The criminal fascist looters you call a federal government are hard at work protecting the elderly from themselves these days.

A new bit of legislation in the “Farm Bill” of all places allows the criminal looters to confiscate Socialist Security payments if you have old outstanding government debts.

It used to be that there was a 10 year limit on how far back and how much the government could confiscate from your Socialist Security handout in order to collect on this debt.

For example:

Say I was looted by the criminal government at 90% tax rates back in the 70’s and I only managed to pay 85% of my tax obligation.

The 15% I owed would be set as outstanding debt, and then it would be compounded with interest and fees until the debt owed reached 100 billion dollars in 2010 terms.

Given the new law, the 100 billion would be deducted from my 1000.00 a month Socialist Security check forever.

Praise Mao.

The WSJ reports:

A little–noticed law could soon result in smaller Social Security checks for hundreds of thousands of the elderly and disabled who owe the U.S. money from defaulted loans and other debts more than a decade old.

This means that a person who defaulted on a small–business loan in 1995, for example, and who is receiving Social Security could be notified that his benefits may be reduced each month until the debt, with interest, fees, and penalties, is paid. The Treasury can withhold 15% of the benefit, though it can’t be reduced to below $750. Tax debts have no floor.

The article goes on to give a couple of sob stories which are worth reading.

Basically, you can count on government to loot you at all costs, even if it means starving you to death in old age.