Publik School Board Sues Parents For Requesting School Records

Yeah, you read the headline right.

I mean seriously, you are simply too stupid to be allowed to know what your child’s school board is up to.

The Goldwater Inst. reports:

A handful of taxpayers in a small community north of Wickenburg, Arizona are being targeted by the local school district in a lawsuit that asks a judge to declare they have no right to request public records, sue the district, or complain to outside agencies.

The Congress Elementary School District claims that past efforts by these residents to obtain documents such as minutes of board meetings and spending reports amount to harassment that should not have to be tolerated.

But Jean Warren, one of the four defendants named in the lawsuit filed January 28, 2010, said the complaint is an illegal attempt to silence citizens who have questioned the district’s policies and spending practices.

“The whole thing is based on trying to shut us down so that nobody has any rights,” Warren said. “Just because you live in a small area does not mean you don’t have rights. Everything I believe about the Constitution and what it means to be a citizen of the USA is being shot down.”

The school district has a history of violating state laws mandating government transparency, according to investigations dating to 2002 done by the Arizona attorney general and state ombudsman. In 2002 and again in 2007, the district was found to be in violation of the state’s open meeting law by the Attorney General’s Office. In June 2009, the state ombudsman’s office admonished the district for its slow response to public records requests.

Let us make a list of things that make Publik Edumacation great:

1.  Other people that don’t have kids pay for it.

2.  You can be sued by the school for requesting publik records.

3.  Communist totalitarian indoctrination, that is directed by federal bureaucrats, is provided free of charge.

4.  Non-thinking is rewarded

5.  Karl Marx demanded it

Given the above 5 points, its clear that the heinous crime of requesting publik information by the parents should be punished by flogging.  No parent has the right to demand publik records from our glorious leaders, who are obviously too busy indoctrinating your children to waste precious time rifling through paperwork.

Its clear a lack of trust in government is the root of the evil here.  Obviously these parents were not properly indoctrinated during their youth, and thus are causing all manner of problems for our glorious overlords.

My pants are off.

Praise Mao.