Criminal Lying SPLC Continues Its Baseless Attacks Against Patriots

The criminal organization run by racist thug lawyers, otherwise known as the SPLC, has been launching baseless attacks and agitprop against patriots that dare to question government.  The latest attack was launched against Alex Jones, a libertarian talk show host and documentary film maker.

The SPLC declares:

In the Gary Franchi video below, Beirich tells McMasters Alex Jones is responsible for the murder of police officers in Pittsburgh. “Alex Jones is a lunatic,” she declares. “And hes not… the guy who shot the three cops in his front yard, Richard Poplawski in Pittsburgh, about April of 09. Do you know where he got the idea of hating the government from, who he listened to on a regular basis?… Alex Jones.”

Beirich also slanders Gary Franchi of Restore The Republic during the interview. “He’s insane as well,” declares the SPLC director of intelligence research.

Of course, its all blatant lies as Infowars points out:

In fact, Poplawski murdered the police officers after they arrived following a call by his mother to have her son evicted from her house. Poplawski’s murders had nothing to do with the fear of Obama grabbing guns or rightwing extremism, as the corporate media claimed. It was about an angry young man with a disordered mind. It was the result of an emotional outburst by a deranged individual.

Poplawski was, as far as I can tell by the statist agitation press reports, a white supremacist.  Something far removed from the libertarian right.  Libertarians and white supremacists get along like oil and water.  Most of them are also socialists or extreme leftists.

Obviously this is yet another blatant attack against those who dare to question our statist overlords.  The SPLC is crapping its pants over the effectiveness of the liberty movement.  The agitators at the SPLC depend on big government for the funding and regulations that make their criminal existence possible.

The SPLC was also involved in running the terrorist militia out of Elohim City that McVeigh was involved in.  Court documents show the SPLC and FBI were well aware that the attacks were going to take place and did nothing to stop them (and perhaps even instigated them) because they wanted something tangible they could use to demonize the “militia movement”.

The SPLC is an entirely criminal racist organization that needs to be shut down.

Listen to the entire story of the SPLC and FBI’s criminal involvement in the OKC bombing below.

Trust me, you’ll fall out of your chair after you hear this.  I still remember the day I first heard this story.