Government: Don’t Like Obamacare? We’ll Make You Love It

CNS News:

Obama and the Democrats know you hate the health care takeover. In response, they will spend your money to launch an “immediate public relations blitz aimed at turning around Americans’ opinion of the health-care bill.”

According to the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, the PR propaganda blitz will work in three stages: the immediate aftermath of passage, the months leading up to the midterm election in November; and the next few years leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

scott brown

Obamacare is not about saving money. Establishment politicians do not save money. They borrow it from the bankers and crank the national debt through the stratosphere.

It is designed to make sure cowardly Democrats who did not want the American people to know they voted for Obamacare are not sacrificed by public outrage come the mid-terms.

Bilderberg darling and Health and Human Servicesaid she believes people who dislike the bill will feel better as they learn more about it. Translation: the government will propagandize you to love the coming neofeudal banker and corporate serfdom. Like Winston Smith, you will learn to love your enslavement.


The question I have is – who’s going to pay for this PR blitz?


My tax dollars?

Am I paying to propagandize myself?