Obama To Dems: You Are Too Dumb To Have Intelligence

hahaha I love the pun in my post title.

Anywho – the Hill is reporting that the King of Transparency does not like transparency:

House Intelligence Committee Democrats are engaged in a fierce showdown with the White House over lawmakers’ demands for more transparency and oversight of the intelligence community.

President Barack Obama has twice threatened to veto the intelligence authorization bill, first in July of last year, when the committee approved it, and again this week. The White House has argued that the legislation’s new requirements would, in some cases, put American lives at risk.

I have to actually applaud the criminal democrats for once.  There are at least a few in congress that actually give a crap about transparency.  I think this bill proposal is a great way for us to separate the misguided idiots from the truly evil.

If a democrat is supporting CIA transparency, they are a misguided idiot.  If a democrat is against transparency, its because they are an evil fascist pig that’s probably profiteering from the heroine trade flowing out of Afghanistan.

The bill requires the executive branch — including the CIA and other intelligence agencies — to provide information about covert activities and the “legal authority” under which an intelligence activity is being conducted not merely to the “Gang of Eight” — the Speaker, the House minority leader, the Senate Democratic and Republican leaders and the top Democrat and Republican in both the House and Senate Intelligence committees — but to the full House and Senate Intelligence committees.

The White House claims these reasons as to why they are against the bill:

  • The administration also opposes a provision in the bill establishing an agency inspector general to investigate the anthrax attacks
  • Provisions in the bills proposing that interrogations of detainees or prisoners in CIA custody be videotaped, as well as the major changes to the congressional notification system.

But that’s not the real reason.

The real reason is here:

  • The provisions also would allow any congressional committee with jurisdiction on intelligence matters to request a GAO investigation of that activity.

The CIA gets nearly all of its black ops funding through the drug trade.  They broker deals with criminal cartels to allow them operation in a zone if they provide kick-backs to the CIA, which the CIA then uses to fund its intel operations off the record.

This keeps the CIA funds untraceable and allows the CIA to operate on a massively expanded budget outside of what Congress allocates it.

The CIA funnels these elicit funds through the commercial banks to launder them, who also take a cut.  The CIA is heavily involved with the Wall Street banks because of this.  There is a reason the chair of the NYSE is also the head of the CIA.  Indeed almost all the heads of the CIA have had extensive ties to Wall Street over the past several decades.  This has been going on for a long long time.

These drug slush funds give the banks off-balance sheet liquidity that they can further use to manipulate markets and drive up profits.

When I say “CIA”, that is not to say all CIA agents are doing this.  In fact the vast majority of “men-of-the-cloth” official CIA agents are good people.  Most of this rogue behavior falls to contracted intel operatives that can be disavowed if things go south.

Its all highly compartmentalized to the point where the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing.  While the left hand is mugging the liquor store, its passing the booty to the right hand and saying it got the money from working a part-time job.

Eshoo blasted the statement, saying it amounted to the administration wanting to maintain the “status quo” and forget providing any real oversight and accountability to the Intelligence panel.

Instead, she said, the Gang of Eight notification system should be abolished completely because the intelligence community is not really giving full and complete information to the exclusive group anyway, so any oversight role Congress is obligated to play is thwarted in the process.

Got that right sweetheart.

As a side note:

One of the exemptions allowed to deny Freedom of Information requests has been used by the Obama administration 70,779 times in its first year; the same exemption was used 47,395 times in Bush’s final budget year.

An Associated Press examination of 17 major agencies’ handling of FOIA requests found denials 466,872 times, an increase of nearly 50% from the 2008 fiscal year under Bush.

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