Rand Paul vs. Stalinist Pig – Voter Fraud Runs Rampant

Rand Paul, a libertarian Republican, is currently running against the Stalinist pig, Secretary of State Trey Grayson, for the Kentucky Senate seat previously occupied by the Fascist Jim Bunning.

Because the Stalinist pig is also the Secretary of State, the pig is responsible for over-seeing the election between himself and Rand Paul.

The Ethics Commission has just ruled there’s absolutely no conflict of interest here.

Excuse me while I LOL

Even Stalin himself would not be so bold as to appoint HIMSELF to over-see his own election. Praise Mao, Mihn, and Jong-il.

Elsewhere in Kentucky, 8 criminals you call elected officials were convicted of mass vote fraud the other day.  Clearly given Kentucky’s history of perfectly fair elections its silly to assume anything untoward might happen in the Paul election.

The article states:

According to the indictment and testimony, participants in the scheme checked lists of voters to identify those who would take bribes and lined up people to drive them to the polls, where precinct workers made sure they voted correctly and gave them a sticker or ticket to redeem for their payment.

Fascist Soup has obtained an image of the sticker in question: