Infowars Takes A Dump On Fox News

Fox News came out with a hit piece on Alex Jones claiming his web site encouraged violence against government and elected officials.  Fox actually contacted federal agents over several comments on Jone’s web site left by users.  This basically “created” news over the story and gave Fox an excuse to demonize Jones (who is big competition for Fox in terms of online users)

Infowars lays out the wild blatant hypocrisy of Fox in a counter attack piece here:

Perhaps Fox News should concern itself with the violent and aggressive behavior of its own hosts, contributors, and website respondents rather than hiring snoops to grass up Alex Jones because a handful of the millions of comments and forum posts made by other people on his websites hint at violence.

Its worth reading to see just how hypocritical Fox is.

Its also worth pointing out that Fox, a supposedly “conservative” news network, is the one doing the attacking.  Its clear that the propagandists at Fox have no shame in demonizing news organizations that promote limited government and maximum civil liberties.