FCC To Courts: Screw You, I Do What I Want

Recently the courts threw the FCC back into its scum sucking hole after they declared the FCC had no right to regulate the way Comcast operated its internet service.

That court ruling however didn’t stop the FCC from going forward with its plan to shut down the internet the next day though.  The FCC said it wants to force everyone on to publicly hosted broadband in order to kill the private market in broadband access.

This would allow the FCC to have total control over net access while also giving them the authority to censor alternative media web sites.  Current law prevents the FCC from censoring private networks which has infuriated statist officials to no end.

Business Week reports:

April 8 (Bloomberg) — The Federal Communications Commission said it would start writing rules and begin regulatory proceedings to promote fast Internet services two days after a court undermined the agency’s authority to regulate the Web.

“We are putting the National Broadband Plan into action,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said today in a statement. “The court decision earlier this week does not change our broadband policy goals, or the ultimate authority of the FCC to act to achieve those goals.”

The agency said it will initiate more than 60 separate actions, such as proposing rules or investigations, this year. The FCC plans to expand the airwaves available for wireless Internet service, use subsidies to connect homes to the Internet, and examine the market for leasing high-capacity lines used for Web traffic.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on April 6 said the agency lacked the authority to regulate Internet management practices of Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable company, which was censured by the agency in 2008.