Video Shows Captured U.S. Soldier Still Alive in Afghanistan

Infowars reports:

A video has been posted on the website purportedly showing that soldier Robert Bergdahl, who was captured in Afghanistan last June, is still alive.

In the video Bergdahl has a beard.  Towards the end of it he does exercises to prove that he’s still physically fit.

During the video Bergdahl pleads to be released, not to his captors but to what appears to be the US government (though he doesn’t address any specific person or organization).

“…get me to be released.  This war isn’t worth the waste of human life that it has cost both Afghanistan and US.  It’s not worth the amount of lives that have been wasted and the amount of life that has been wasted in prisons…Guantanamo Bay, Bagrahm…all those places where we are keeping prisoners.  I’m a prisoner.  I want to go home.  The Afghanistan men who are in our prisons, they want to go home too.  “

Of course, Fox News immediately attacked Bergdahl as a traitor and deserter.

Bergdahl comments are understandable though when put into context.  An end to the war would most likely result in his release from captivity.  Being a prisoner is no pleasant experience.

Bergdahl has spent quite a bit of time with his captors which tends to humanize them.  Most soldiers view combatants as inhuman automatons that are devoid of family and friends.  The nature of warfare demands this.  One can not be an effective killing machine if one is constantly thinking about the families of the people they are killing.

War is dangerous not only to the nation being attacked, but also to the nation doing the attacking because of this.  Soldiers forced to kill other humans inevitably become warped from this experience.  This is one reason why our founding fathers felt it necessary to have a nation without a standing army or to engage in wars of aggression.  War should only be entered into to defend the nation’s sovereignty as a last resort.

Even if one believes the attacks against the WTC were caused by Saudi terrorists, one must not confuse terrorism with warfare.  Terrorism is a crime and should appropriately be dealt with as a crime.  Crimes call for police actions, not invasions.

The country of Afghanistan did not attack us, nor did the country of Iraq.  Invading those countries because a small group of people committed a crime is unjustifiable.

War is the health of the state and all good conservatives must oppose it.