Racist Google Attacks Tea Party White Males

You have to love Google news aggregation service.

When one Googles “tea party” – the prominent headline reads as follows:

Of course, this is highly important information that the publik needs to know.

How else can race baiting democrats launch attacks against calls for limited government if they don’t play the race card?

I find it highly disturbing that out of all the articles on all the tea parties that took place yesterday that the top headline is an obscure poll published in the Dallas Morning News that claims tea party members are white educated males.

Of course, this may very well be the case – but even if it is  – who gives a crap?

If I were to Google “global warming protest” – do you think the top Google headline would be:

“New Poll Shows Most Global Warming Protestors To Be White Socialists That Collect Some Form Of Government Subsidies”

This is pure race baiting on the part of Google.  Of course, Google is not alone in their efforts to portray the tea parties as racist white people that hate blacks.  NBC got in on the action as well, as did a host of other statist news sources.

NBC actually asked a black guy at a tea party rally if he felt uncomfortable.  As if being around white people is scary.  I’ll tell you what’s scary, attending an Obama rally when you’re an anarcho-capitalist.  Now that’s scary.

Google has adjusted its agregation service algorithm to highlight race baiting drama queen articles for the sole purpose of supporting the statist agenda.

That should be disturbing to everyone considering Google’s immense power.

Allow me to prove my point.

Alex ranking for two news sources

Dallas Morning News
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,181 Traffic Rank in US: 839

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,933 Traffic Rank in US: 858

How often do you think Infowars shows up as a Google News headliner?

Not only that, one simply needs to look at the main page to see where the vast majority of stories come from – think NYT, LA Times, WaPo, AP, and Bloomberg.

On the subject of race, a black reverend says accusations the tea parties are racist is an out-right lie.