Reporter Arrested For Asking Karl Rove Questions

Infowars reports:

During the gross manhandling by at least four University of Texas Police Department officials of InfoWars reporter Aaron Dykes, exercising his First Amendment rights, several members of the audience encouraged arrest. One person is even heard expressing his hope that Dykes would resist arrest (which he clearly did not do), saying: “Oh do it, please do it. Please do it, please please.”

Watch the clip from 1.12 onward:

In the following clip- watch from 57 seconds onward- we hear one of the sheepish followers of war criminal Karl Rove shout: “Police get here, come on!”. (Embedding disabled)

Actually, comparing the mindless individuals calling for the police to “get here” and calling for Dykes to “please” resist arrest to sheep is an insult to the animal. What we have here is people so thoroughly propagandized in the course of their lives, that they no longer recognize free speech when they see it and, even worse, shout for the police to put a halt to the exercise of First Amendment rights. With slaves like these, the new world order can rest assured its agenda will be realized.

Yeah those questions are scary.  Clearly Dykes is a terrist threat to Amerika that needs to be thrown in a reeducation camp.

Just what exactly was Dykes arrested for?  Who knows.  Police arrest people because they feel like it.  They don’t actually need a law.

I’m personally looking forward to spending my days behind bars for simply blogging about other people being arrested for blogging.  Such is the state of Amerika.

Stalin would be proud.