Lies And Delusions Of Science: Saturn's Hexagon

Credit: Cassini VIMS Team, JPL, ESA, NASA

[The Official Bogus] Explanation: What’s causing this unusual aurora over Saturn? No one is sure. Infrared images by the robotic Cassini spacecraft of the north pole of Saturn have uncovered aurora unlike any other seen previously in our Solar System. The strange aurora are shown in blue in the above image, while the underlying clouds are shown in red. The previously recorded, also-strange hexagon cloud patterns are visible in red below the aurora. These Saturnian aurora can cover the entire pole, while auroras around Earth and Jupiter are typically confined by magnetic fields to rings surrounding the magnetic poles. More normal auroral rings had been previously imaged around Saturn. The recently imaged strange auroras above Saturn’s north pole can change their global patterns significantly in only a few minutes. The large and variable nature of these auroras indicate that charged particles streaming in from the Sun are experiencing some type of magnetism above Saturn that was previously unexpected.

I know exactly what is causing Saturn’s hexagon and I can explain in detail what drives its motion.

Of course, that’s because I’m not an idiot that believes in Einstein’s retarded theories of bending space.

Saturn’s poles exhibit classic electrical current morphology.

(from Wal Thornhill’s (Left) Vortices of a 90 kiloamp electron beam etched onto a carbon ‘witness plate’ (courtesy of H. Davis), (right) Vortices of a 56 microamp electron beam photographed on a fluorescent screen (courtesy of H. F. Webster).

“One of the outstanding problems in the propagation of electron beams along an axial magnetic field is the breakup of the beam into discrete vortex-like current bundles when a threshold determined by either the beam current or distance of propagation is surpassed. The vortices of the diocotron instability are found to occur over 12 orders of magnitude in beam current. This mechanism was first introduced to explain auroral curtains by Hannes Alfvén.”

—From Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt.

For more details and imagery, see Peratt’s paper.…

Of course, such research is completely ignored by Einsteinian relativists claiming that the invisible God Zeus magically reconnects magnetic fields together and spins planets by bending space.

Real physicists have known for nearly a century that field aligned electric currents power the auroras, as was first postulated by Birkeland and later confirmed by numerous satellites.

Don’t expect to hear the “E” word get dropped though when communist lying fraudsters called “cosmologists” give you explanations.  They are too busy flagellating themselves with dark matter and black holes to bother with real science.

Attempts to account for Saturn’s hexagon with spinning buckets of water are a joke.  This is like describing the movement of a wagon without talking about the guy who’s pulling it.