Tom Woods @ SDU Teaser

update:  video published here.

Last night I attended the Tom Woods lecture at the University of San Diego, which was excellent by the way.  Tom gave a fairly general speech on Austrian economics and the causes of the current depression.  I’m glad I made it down there, as he was even more entertaining than usual.

I’m also the only person that brought a video camera.  I was hoping it would be professionally recorded, but alas it was not.  So I set about recording the entire thing on my Flip camera.

I haven’t reviewed the recording yet so I’m not sure how great the audio will be.  I can tell you there was a guy sitting next to me that was laughing like a hyena so there will definitely be some loud background noise.

I did manage to get a front row seat though, so the view is unobstructed.  There will be some camera movement since I had to stick the tripod on my laptop bag which I set on my lap.  Sitting perfectly still for over an hour is something that’s impossible for me.

I’ll probably have the video produced and published sometime late tonight, after which I will publish a post to this web site containing either an embed or link to the video.


update:  I’ve managed to get the video compiled and rendered.  It turned out better than I figured it would, its definitely watchable.  Its not great, but for a Flip cam held on my lap, its pretty damn good.

I have not managed to get it published yet because I took me all night screwing around with my video rendering software which was puking like crazy trying to deal with the massive file size of the uncompressed video.

I’m not sure how or where I’m going to host this yet, but when I get it published I will put up a new post with the information.

In the meantime, enjoy the fabulous Mr. Woods in this Mises Lecture on the gold standard.