NORTHCOM Commander's Blog – Round 2

Dear Gen. Renuart,

The New American is reporting some extremely disturbing information about NORTHCOM troops preparing to deploy against the American public in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act. I seriously hope the New American is wrong on this subject. I’ve written to you before on this subject but this seems to be progressing rather than coming to a halt.

Colonel Roger Cloutier is quoted as saying “We’ve been all over the world during this time of conflict, but now our mission is to take care of citizens at home” which he stated in the context of discussing “non-lethal” weapons packages being deployed against the US public. This kind of rhetoric is highly disturbing. It is not the place of the US Military to perform crowd control, police actions, or otherwise engage the US public in violent action. Not to mention the fact such a deployment is illegal.

The US Constitution clearly says the longest term a professional army is to be instantiated is for a period of two years, for the express purpose of defending from invasion or preventing an insurrection. The US military has no place waging “non-lethal” warfare against protestors who are fed up with the government’s wholesale looting of the public on behalf of banking and corporate interests. At last count the federal government has leveraged 24 trillion dollars of the US public’s money in bank bailouts and guarantees, not including the unconstitutional stimulus packages and the theft of the Social Security Trust surplus.

Colonel Roger Cloutier feels it is the US military’s responsibility to “subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing them.” – You need to correct this officer’s understanding of the US military’s role post-haste. According to the US Constitution, it is obviously NOT the US military’s job to be “subduing” so-called “dangerous individuals”. Who, more often than not, are not “dangerous.” They are simply fed up citizens exercising their God given right of free speech. If some protester becomes dangerous, this is why we have police and an armed citizenry. We don’t need HMMWVs with sound cannons and rubber bullets to stop a handful of miscreants.

Further, there is a disturbing trend toward establishing so-called “free speech zones” which are now routinely enforced at protests. Such a zone is an oxymoron. The US Constitution expressly forbids the US government from impinging on the free speech rights of the citizenry, which includes all forms of non-violent protest. Any attempt to corral private citizens on public property into so-called “free speech zones” – no matter what the courts and legislature may say – is a direct violation of the US Constitution.

You are sworn to the Constitution, not to the politicians who clearly do not have the best interest of the American public in mind these days. I do not want to live in a country that has armed troops roaming around the streets like some kind of third world tin-pot dictatorship enforcing “free speech zones” and all other manner of tyrannical nonsense.

Video from last years G20 event shows a state of affairs straight out of Orwell’s 1984, with sound cannons and police helicopters ordering non-violent protestors to disburse or face violent consequences. Video shows police agents attacking defenseless young girls who didn’t move out of the way fast enough for their tastes. Video shows police agents launching tear gas against non-violent protestors, and in so doing, choking not only the non-violent protestors, but innocent by-standers as well. Video shows police agents corralling student demonstrators on to public property; then arresting them for not dispersing, even though they had every right to be where they were. Video shows police agents enforcing illegal curfews on entire sections of the city, including public property that is owned by the tax payers themselves. It is bad enough that we have police agencies engaged in such nonsense; I do not want to see the US military muddying its shoes with such distasteful acts of violence.

The US military’s job is to protect the free actions of the American public from insurrection and from invasion. That is it. It is not the US military’s job to enforce so-called “free speech zones” or otherwise violently engage US citizens protesting government. This is not Iraq, this is not Somalia, and this is not Afghanistan. This is America, and in America, the US military is not a law enforcement organization. Politicians do not have the right to be insulated from public outcry. Indeed, the First Amendment highlights the fact that it is a God given right to be able to petition those politicians for a redress of grievances.

I think it is important that you and your entire officer corps review exactly what the role of the US military is supposed to be in a free society. “Freedom” in the context of the US Constitution means freedom from government.

I’m sorry if I sound a little miffed by this, but the Colonel’s comments are extremely disturbing to me. Lauding non-lethal warfare against a protesting US public by a high ranking member of the officer corps is an outrage that should not be tolerated. In my opinion, the Colonel should resign his post over this. It is also my opinion that the entire USNORTHCOM be disbanded as an unnecessary and potentially dangerous threat to American liberty.

Police are for police actions. Militaries are for repelling invasions. Considering we are not under threat of invasion, the USNORTHCOM itself has no proper role in our free society. Troops should never be drilled or trained in suppressing free speech or protests. Troops should not be armed with “non-lethal” weaponry, since such weaponry serves no other purpose than to suppress public dissent. The US Military should eliminate such weaponry from its inventories. Non-lethal weaponry invites an excuse to cause harm and suffering without inflicting undue emotional burden on the person pulling the trigger or causing an international incident, both of which SHOULD occur if a US soldier is ordered to engage a US citizen.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


New American article in question:

Video of a young girl being assaulted by police officers enforcing unconstitutional “free speech zones” and curfews during the G20 conference:
Such violence on behalf of the police is totally uncalled for. They assaulted her first, she had every right to respond the way she did.

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