Support Gun Rights? – Get A Gun To Your Head!

A gun rights advocate and his family were recently assaulted by police and illegally detained for the crime of lawfully open carrying his sidearm in public.

Apparently someone called the police because they spotted a slave carrying a sidearm in publik.  Thus, the police responded with extreme prejudice, pointing assault rifles at Bouchard and his family for his flaunting of State authoritay.

Anthony Bouchard tells us his story:

The Sheridan police are either unable to make proper judgment calls, or they believe in extreme authority opposite of constitutionally protected rights, you decide…

It was Sunday after spending the weekend in Sheridan for the local Tea Party, we were leaving the hotel to head back home, while driving only 100 yards away, there were two police officers coming up the hill on foot carrying AR-15 rifles.

As we approached them they stopped my vehicle and the officers yelled “put up your hands” to myself, wife and my little girl, then I was ordered to step out of my vehicle. (while armed of course)

The officer demanded my I.D. to which I responded “you aren’t getting anything, I didn’t break any law”.

The part that really sticks in my head is this- in one of his hands (Sgt. Kody Lamb) was an AR-15 Rifle and his other free hand shuttered like he was on an extreme adrenaline rush, I thought to myself he better keep his finger off the trigger.

In the great slave state of AZ, all serfs are viewed as potential terrists and criminals by the police, who walk around like gods lording over the plebes.

As demonstrated by the antics of the officers in this story, those who would dare to defend themselves from criminals will find a government wielded gun pointed at their heads in short order.

You are a slave.

You best remember that.