Totalitarian Regime Seizes Control Of Vitamin Manufacturing

Now, I want to be clear here.

There are a lot of supplement makers out there that make wild claims and are nothing more than snake oil; however, they aren’t hurting anyone and they have every right to produce a product that the market has a demand for without interference from the State.

The efficacy of these supplements is NOT the issue.  The issue is the right of businesses to be left alone from intrusive government.

This article is particularly stunning in that it talks about “FTC Courts” that have no jury and are run by FTC employees, much in the same way “Vaccine Courts” have no jury and are funded by the vaccine industry.  I was unaware such courts existed until reading this article.

Such courts BLATANTLY violate constitutional protections.  They are illegal in every sense of the word.  The State has no right or authority to create such courts. Nor does the FTC have the authority to create law.

Mike Adams reports:

(NaturalNews) Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this recent action by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) is one of the most insidious: While no one was looking, he injected amendment language into the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) that would expand the powers of the FTC (not the FDA, but the FTC) to terrorize nutritional supplement companies by greatly expanding the power of the FTC to make its own laws that target dietary supplement companies.

This is a little-known secret about the FTC and the nutritional supplements business: The FTC routinely targets nutritional supplement companies that are merely telling the truthabout their products. Some companies are threatened by merely linking to published scientific studies about their products.

For example, here’s an important article that describes how to FDA criminally extorts money out of supplement companies:…

The FTC does much the same thing. They target a particular company that’s having success in the natural products marketplace, then they accuse that company of “inferring” that their products have some health benefit. From there, the FTC demands that the company engage in paying a massive fine to the FTC, which the FTC calls “consumer redress” even though none of the money actually goes to the consumers.

If you try to fight the FTC, they haul you into their own special “FTC courts” which are not public courts where you have the benefit of a jury, but rather they are courts where the judges are actually FTC employees and you have no rights. You are essentially guilty until proven innocent, and virtually no one has been found innocent by the FTC.

If the King says you’re guilty, then you’re guilty

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