Criminal Congress Refuse To Outlaw Insider Trading

For themselves of course.

Yahoo News reports:

Even a cynic can find Washington’s hypocrisy shocking at times. The Wall Street Journal reports today a House bill that would force lawmakers to make greater disclosures on financial transactions and disallow them from trading on nonpublic information is going nowhere fast.

That’s right. Members of Congress are currently allowed to profit on insider trading!

The bill, which has been languishing in the House for four years, would require elected officials “to make their financial transactions public within 90 days of a purchase or sale” and “prohibit lawmakers from trading in financial markets based on nonpublic information they learn on the job,” the WSJ reports.

It seems they’re above the transparency they’ve been calling for on Wall Street.

I don’t know how many Hail Mao’s must be said in support of this criminal corruption.

Perhaps 100?  1000?  none is too many!

Our glorious criminal mafia leaders have been profiteering from insider deals for decades which is why 99.999999% of all legislation is passed.  When a lobbyist walks into a DC congressman’s office, the first words he will hear is “what can you do for me?”

The over-lords of Amerika have taken Stalinist kickbacks to new levels of insanity.  Most bills that have passed the criminal legislature aren’t even written by the congress.  Those idiots couldn’t write a one page book report on The Cat In The Hat, let alone produce multi-thousand page tyranically legalese nonsense.

The bills that pass congress are entirely written by colluding corporate interests that fatten the pockets of the mafia dons with insider deals and kickbacks at every turn.

The outrageous actions of congress highlighted by Yahoo simply bring the point home to plebes like yourselves that actually believe government works for the “common good.”