Associated Content Censors Writers

AC is a major producer of regurgitated liberal agitprop on the web these days.  As such, it’s important to highlight stories of its Soviet style editorial system.

Moonbattery reports:

My name is Marc Schenker, and I’m a freelance writer. Politically, I’m a committed conservative. I write for Associated Content, a popular news site that gets more unique visitors per month than the Washington Post or the Huffington Post,according to web analytics company I’m a freelance political writer there and was paid per article I publish through an ad revenue-sharing business model. Ostensibly, Associated Content claims to be a non-partisan website, encouraging its contributors to publish articles at will on any topic without prohibitions towards political ideology… unless, as it turned out in my case, you are conservative.

Marc goes on to tell us how AC took a dump in his lap after he authored a favorable piece on John Voight’s speech.

Of course, AC is a private corporation and is free to censor all it likes, just as I am free to ignore its liberal agitprop all I like.  However, its important people be made aware that these communists are not unbiased sources of information.  They are communist agitators trying to destroy this country.