Electronic Cigarettes – Vaporize Your Brains Out!

If you are a smoker, you really need to check this out.

I review the Tornado E-NI from www.totallywicked-eliquid.com…

I also talk about the Arctic Menthol e-juice from www.johnsoncreeksmokejuice.com…


I need to make a few additional points here about these devices.

If your goal is to quit nicotine, these devices CAN indeed help you.

There is no law that says you must smoke nicotine laced e-juice.

People who are trying to quit can, just like the patch, reduce the level of nicotine in the juice until it gets down to zero. You can buy zero nicotine e-juice. In fact many people smoke this just for the flavor.

The device has several benefits:

1. No tar or carcinogenics.

2. No odor.

3. It can be used anywhere.

4. It can help with the psychological need to preform the act of smoking. The addiction to smoking has several parts, only one of which is the actual nicotine. This is why gum and patches don’t work consistently.

I know I have two killers when it comes to smoking: Coffee and Beer.

Nothing makes me happier than smoking a cigarette while drinking a coffee or a beer.

This device gives me that flavor and feeling I crave while eliminating a huge portion of the bad stuff.

Former US Congressman Matt Salmon speaks on electronic cigarettes.


I do also want to mention some things about the e-juice.

There are basically two kinds of juice, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin or Glycerol)

PG is NOT Ethylene glycol – PG has been approved for consumption by the FDA. Ethylene glycol is a toxic anti-freeze.

PG is the most common juice sold for e-cigs because it has a cleaner vaporization so it doesn’t clog atomizers up as quickly as VG does. However, VG tends to produce a thicker more flavorful smoke.

PG can cause a reaction in a small portion of the population.

If you are smoking PG and find that you get headaches, nausea, or dizziness, try switching over to VG and see if that solves your problem. You may be having a reaction to the PG juice.

People also have a tendency to either over-estimate or under-estimate the amount of nicotine they are taking in while first starting on e-cigs which can also lead to headaches, nausea, or dizziness.

If you don’t feel quite right while starting out, simply experiment a little until you find the right strength and type of juice that suits your smoking style.

The Johnson Creek “Red Oak” line of juices is a VG juice, while the others are PG juices.


If I had to recommend a starter pack of stuff for a person that really wants to try e-cigarettes, this is what I would buy:

1x Tornado starter kit- $80.00

1x 5 pack of 510 atomizers – $40.00

2x 10 pack of 510 refillable cartridges – $20.00

1x Red Oak e-juice sample pack – $16.00

1x JC e-juice sample pack – $22.00

That should get you going.

After the initial investment, the costs will decline substantially. However, you may find yourself buying all sorts of trinkets and upgrades because you really like it 

You could leave the additional atomizers out until you figure out if you like it or not, but they are nice to have on hand. The start kit comes with two of them already, so you don’t need to purchase them up front.

I don’t mention it in the video, but I also own a 510 Titan USB Pass-through, which is a cigarette that attaches directly to a USB port on your computer and continually recharges a 300 mAh battery. This is an awesome option for those people that work desk jobs or spend a large amount of time in front of their computer.

The pass-through does not come as a kit, so you will have to purchase a separate pack of atomizers, cartridges and e-juice to have a fully functional unit.

Also the cord is fairly short, so you may have to purchase a USB extension cable if your USB port is on the back of your computer.