Like Fishing? – GO TO JAIL!

Man was arrested in front of his children for:

1. Taking Walleye without a valid license

2. Not providing his full name to a police officer when asked

Of course, the man had been fishing for 10 minutes and hadn’t actually caught any fish which means he didn’t actually take any Walleye.  Fishing licenses typically only apply to caught fish.  Catch and release typically does not require a license.

And of course not providing your name to an ignoramus thug is no crime at all in my book.

He was not belligerent, he was with his kids, he didn’t have any caught fish on him, he was not drunk, he was a member of a church group.

Obviously this calls for an arrest and incarceration on top of being charged with two class 1 misdemeanors and having to post a $600.00 bond.

Fucking brilliant.

Just brilliant.

This is the free country of Amerika

Some of you may recognize the pastor in this video.

He was the guy that the border patrol beat the crap out of because he wouldn’t worship their Nazi azzes like they demanded. They stopped him without cause and then tased the crap out of him for no reason at all.

Bunch of savage criminal tyrants.