Regime Uncertainty – When Dictators Go Bad

Ron Paul explains why the Republic of Congo is a superior business climate to the United States in yet another epic commentary:

…Regime uncertainty is the opposite of the rule of law. It is the rule of the whims of the people in charge and what mood they are in on any particular day. It is usually associated with third world dictatorships and plays a major role in why some countries remain poor. When a business cannot predict whether a government will issue a permit, confiscate or nationalize their capital investments, tax them into bankruptcy, or arbitrarily stall their operations, they tend to do business elsewhere. This type of government hostility is not conducive to wealth creation and it is tragic to see it chasing away businesses here when we need the jobs and productivity more than ever…

Dr. Paul points out that the Obama regime has shutdown oil production in the Gulf for an undertermined period of time, even though such shutdowns have twice been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  The effect of which is to drive the smaller oil producers out of business because they can’t afford to sit idle for an undetermined period like the big boys can.

We no longer have a federal government that is constrained by the Constitution and the rule of law. We have a lawless organization of looting thugs destroying the small businesses of America, destroying the currency of America, and destroying the personal and economic liberties of America.  The tyranny of which is paid for by your tax dollars taken from you at gun point.

You are funding your own enslavement.