The Government Is A Monopoly

It is a criminal institution of looting thieves that suck the life out of you and make you into scared dependent slaves.

Communists incessantly whine about private corporations monopolizing markets, so I have to scratch my head when they demand that the State be given an ultimate monopoly on force and violence.

The State has a monopoly on violence.

The State has a monopoly on arbitration.

If a police officer kicks your face in because he doesn’t like your pro-2nd amendment shirt, you have to file a complaint WITH THE SAME POLICE DEPARTMENT THAT HE WORKS FOR.

If you manage to get a civil complaint filed against him, you then have to go before a judge THAT GETS PAID BY THE SAME GOVERNMENT THAT THE COP WORKS FOR.

Do you think you will get justice? – LOL

Of course, violence and arbitration aren’t the only things the criminal government has a monopoly on, oh no no no.

They also have a monopoly on your money, which they debase and inflate every day to the tune of billions. The government is robbing you blind and you demand more of it. You DEMAND TO BE LOOTED! PRAISE MAO!

They force you to use their phony fraudulent money through legal tender laws. Then they place taxes on real money, such as gold and silver, so it becomes impossible to use as a functional currency.

Fail to pay your taxes, you will get a gun in your face.

The funny thing is, you are paying for that gun in your face out of your own pocket.

Hey, but lets not stop the monopolization there, lets look at the public educraption system as well. Don’t have a kid? Too bad, you pay. Don’t want to send your kid to some rat infested publik concentration camp for 8 hours a day? Too bad, you pay. Don’t like the indoctrination materials called textbooks that are used in your local internment camp? Too bad, you have no say in the matter. The kids will use the textbooks the State deems appropriate.

You are a slave.

You are nothing more than cattle to be harvested for your labor.

Fat bureaucrats and their crony corporate partners have you on a meat hook with your throat cut open drinking the blood of your labor. Do you think General Electric would be the fascist multi-billion dollar warmongering enterprise it is today without the criminal government confiscating your wealth and handing it to GE?

Do you know how much GE’s CEO made last year? – Thanks to your tax dollars that were looted from you at gun point, he’s doing quite well. The same can be said about McDonald Douglas’s CEO, Raytheon’s CEO, Exon’s CEO, Goldman Sachs’s CEO, and all the rest. They live off of your stupidity, your trust in government.

One proposed alternative to this insane system of violent enslavement:

Hey, you know what else is beautiful about our system?

If that cop beats your face in, and by some miracle of god you actually manage to get him convicted of assault (fat chance), YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR HIS IMPRISONMENT OUT OF YOUR OWN TAX DOLLARS


Thus, it is IMPOSSIBLE – IMPOSSIBLE – to ever get real justice.

You get kicked in the face, then you get robbed at gun point.

Praise Stalin.