Those Pesky Anarchists

The Guardian reports:

Greek security forces have warned of a wave of violence reminiscent of the terror that stalked Italy in the seventies after urban guerillas threatened last week to turn the country into a “war zone”.

“Greece has entered a new phase of political violence by anarchist-oriented organisations that are more murderous, dangerous, capable and nihilistic than ever before,” said Athanasios Drougos, a defence and counter-terrorism analyst in Athens.

Of course, they aren’t real “anarchists,” since real anarchists are against having a State.  Thus, a group that is waging violent warfare because of State spending cuts clearly isn’t a bunch of anarchists.

Is the media retarded for calling them anarchists?  Are the groups retarded for calling themselves anarchists?  No, being a retard would entail being too dumb to understand what anarchy means.  In this case, all the parties involved know they are misrepresenting the use of the word “anarchist.”

The point of the article is to demonize those who want to bring an end to State sanctioned violence.  There is nothing the State (or the media) fear more than people waking up to the fact that they need a State about as much as they need a mafia “protection service.”

The “anarchists” in Greece are calling themselves “anarchists” because they are in cahoots with the government over there.  This is the only plausible explanation for the behavior of all parties involved.  There is no other explanation (other than the retard argument, which I reject out of hand.)

The rioting gives the government an excuse to implement what amounts to martial law.  This allows the government to shut down legitimate peaceful protests against their criminal actions.  This why the government loves “anarchists.”  The State uses these petty property damaging criminals to its advantage, and the boot-licking liberal media is all to happy to go along with the ruse.

Such rioting by “anarchists” here in America is harder to come by since property owners have guns.  The libs are raging mad about this since all this gun ownership prevents such nonsense. In order to have staged riots, one must first get rid of gun rights.