DHS: You Should Be Proud We Spy On You

The criminal federal government has decided that the American people should be spied upon by our own spy satellites.

Previously, the CIA and other criminal federal agencies, were prohibited from using spy satellite technology to spy on our own shores.  There were extremely tight controls over who could use the satillites and how they could be employed.

Today, those controls have been destroyed, along with any personal expectations of privacy, as our criminal federal government holds a gun to our heads, takes our money, then uses it to enslave us.

Charlie Allen, DHS Assistant Secretary, comments on the DHS now being able to use spy satellites against American civilians: “This is a development all Americans should have great pride in.”

You can see him hang his head in absolute shame as he says it, staring down into the ground, because subconsciously he knows he’s a lying propagandist.

Who does the criminal American government truly fear?

“Terrists” or “Patriots”

You be the judge.

Of course, the DHS also thinks you should be proud that they now have roving x-ray vans that travel around cities zapping your car to see what’s inside of it.

Joe Reiss, of American Science & Engineering, comments on the use of x-ray roving vans zapping your vehicle while you drive around: “From a privacy standpoint, I’m hard-pressed to see what the concern or objection could be”

Joe’s company got the multi-million dollar contract from our criminal federal fascist government to build and deploy the technology.