Armed EU Troops Storm Around EU Parliament Waving EU Flags

While a choir sung the EU “anthem” and they kicked off the session with the EU anthem.

Good luck Euros.

You’re going to need it.

The EU is progressing in exactly the same manner as the United States progressed into a full sovereign country.

At the founding of the US, it was not entirely clear if the US would hold together as a Nation Sate. The states viewed themselves as sovereign entities. The US federal government was created as a compact between states to ensure mutual protection and free trade agreements between themselves.

In fact the formation of the EU and the US is identical in every aspect, with the exception being that the people running the EU are not beholden to the sovereign citizens of the Nation States in any way.

If you like what the US has become, then you should support the EU.

If you dislike the warmongering fascist State the US has become, then you should oppose the EU.