1200 Architects And Engineers

Most of us who frequent this forum or have followed the 9/11 truth movement know that Architects and Engineers for Truth has garnered over 1200 signatures from professional engineers that support the claim the towers were brought down by explosives.

This may seem like a trivial number in terms of the greater scheme of things.

We see numbers in the trillions and billions being thrown around all the time. When you see the number “1200” – it’s just a number. Kind of like seeing statistics on how many people are killed on America’s roads every year. Seeing the numbers doesn’t mean much and hardly provokes a reaction.

What provokes a reaction is reading a story, seeing a face, associating a person with the statistics.

In light of this, allow me to demonstrate what 1200 professional engineers actually looks like.

Patriots Question 9/11 has published an exhaustive list for us to peruse.

An example of just one engineer’s backstory:

John Edward Anderson

BS ME, MS ME, PhD Astronautics, PE

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota (23 years). Former Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Boston University (8 years). World-renowned expert on Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems analysis and design. Chaired four international conferences on PRT, lectured and gave courses widely in the U. S. and abroad on transit systems analysis and design. Founding President and Member, Board of Directors, Advanced Transit Association (ATRA). In his early career he worked for 12 years at the Honeywell Aeronautical Division on instrument design, autopilots, inertial navigation, and spacecraft development; and previously two years as an Aeronautical Research Scientist in the Structures Research Division, NASA, Langley Field, VA. Named Outstanding Inventor of 1989 for his patents on PRT. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, cited for his work on PRT. Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Minnesota. Author and co-author of numerous journal articles on rapid transit system analysis and design. Author of Transit Systems Theory (1978), Magnetohydrodynamic Shock Waves (1963 M.I.T. Press).

John writes in a statement published by AE911:

“My own calculation showed that the buildings fell more quickly than possible considering momentum exchange in pancaking from floor to floor.”

The list of engineers seems to scroll on for eternity.

Looking at the actual words, degrees, and faces of the engineers on that list sheds a whole new light on that number.

When someone says people who believe the buildings were brought down by explosives are nuts, they are saying every one of the professional engineers on this list is nuts.

That… is nuts.

Physics teacher, David Chandler, brings us yet another video demonstrating why the State theory of pancake collapse is ridiculous.