GOP Plastic Men Destroyed In Online Poll

Anti-Fascist Historian/Economist/Best Selling Author, Tom Woods, comments on a recent Des  Moines Register poll that asks who the GOP presidential candidate should be for 2012:

With the exception of Ron Paul, this Iowa poll is an establishment fest.  Oooh, you mean I might get a chance to vote for that great statesman Tim Pawlenty for the Republican nomination in 2012?  How will I ever choose between Pawlenty and Rick Santorum?  Or between deep thinkers Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee?  After eight years of a GOP plastic man, I’ll scratch my head and wonder how such a “conservative” could have expanded the federal government so relentlessly.  Oh, well — there will be more plastic men to choose from in 2020!

As of 9/2/2010, the poll has Dr. Paul holding 64% of the total vote out of ten possible candidate choices.

Clicking through the poll links to the actual host of the poll, I found some interesting comments left by the poll takers.

Here is one I found particularly awesome.  Since the poll comments do not allow for paragraph breaks, I have added paragraph breaks to the original post to make it more readable.

Dr. E, Robbins writes:

I take Ron Paul seriously and I am a doctor.

It wasn’t until my son started talking to me about Dr. Paul and as pragmatic and dismissive as I am at times, he finally convinced me to examine him through his YouTube videos and I found myself waking up from a bad dream realizing that I was the fool all along for supporting the likes of John McCain and falling in the Sarah Palin love fest hysteria.

It is very easy to understand Congressman Paul’s message for it resonates what is great about our nation and unites people from both political parties and I am a true believer that Ron Paul can win in 2012 if the other rigid souls like myself stop listening to the chatter from talking heads in our media and start to do a great deal of soul searching to see the brilliance in his philosophy.

Let me explain to you that Ron Paul was right about the economic collapse as he had warned the people for years about the housing and our current asset bubbles. Each time he has spoken, his wisdom embodies a sense of humility and reason that will overcome the grasp of evil that has controlled us by playing on our basic emotion of fear. I find myself constantly reading blogs every single time an article is written about Dr. Paul just to achieve a greater understanding of the pulse of the people and oftentimes I am humored hearing words like “isolationist” when describing Dr. Paul’s foreign affairs even though his ideas has been supported by more active members of the military than all other candidates combined during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

Surely if his ideas were so far-fetched as those who attempt to marginalize Dr. Paul claim he would not have such a broad spectrum of support from members of our armed forces. I’ve learned that when reading posts and articles, those who claim Ron Paul is an isolationist instead of a non-interventionist, they are either manipulated by those in our media into a frenzy or they are ignorant to the distinctions between those two words or they are attempting to marginalize him because they fear his voice of reason will unite people instead of dividing us across a wide array of minor differences that really don’t mean much in the whole scheme of life.

What amazes me most is how my fellow Republicans sing the praises for Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain even though their voting records are highly inconsistent to conservative ideals and in years past, we would have called them socialists or economic interventionists.

I am deeply sorry for supporting McCain this past Presidential race and in hindsight, I am glad he lost for it has allowed a much needed fracture in the GOP base to occur and new voices to resonate a more reasonable tone.

In regards to Sarah Palin, I could not vote for her either. There is one thing that will not settle well in America and that is anyone who quits in the middle of a game and in her case, she resigned as governor of Alaska which shows me she doesn’t have the depth of character to handle some of the most pressing needs in American history.

Isn’t it time that we start facing the facts and deal with reality? Should we continue making the same mistakes over and over again while expecting different results? If you ask me, I am very humbled and optimistic that once people start pushing aside the insanity of repeating the same old mistakes and start searching for truth by not accepting what Rush Limbaugh says as gospel, we might start moving forward in solving our problems in a more reasonable way that not only helps Americans, but also shines a light of hope for the world to see. Ron Paul is clearly the best choice we have and I welcome you to the peaceful rEVOLution that can bring about real and lasting hope for mankind.