Using Statist Idiocy Against Itself

The statist elite seek to dominate and enslave, yet in order to effectively do this, they had to turn the great unwashed into a horde of mindless idiots.

It has occurred to me that this is indeed a double edged sword.  Since the great unwashed have been reduced to an ignorant drooling stupor, they can no longer rationally comprehend why certain things are bad while others are good.  They react completely on emotion with no logical thought processes underpinning their belief structure.  Populist arguments have massive sway since rationality has been abolished through decades of statist public education.

Hence, we see totally illogical events unfolding, such as “anarchists” demanding more government and democrats calling for an end to the federal reserve system.  The later of which I think can be effectively targeted by the few remaining logical thinkers left in our society as a means to shut down the machine.

Since the unwashed is too stupid to realize that abolishing the federal reserve would necessarily force government to spend within its means, we see many statists today calling for an end to the great Ponzi unwittingly knowing they are undermining their own totalitarian Utopian vision.

If the great unwashed can be convinced that the fed actually props up and supports the “bourgeois” banking class, the populist sentiment against centralized banking may be used as a weapon against itself.

Perhaps free thinkers should adopt a stance of class warfare, but rather than directing the broad irrational/emotional based arguments at the private banking industry, they should direct their arguments at the private federally mandated commercial banking cartel called the federal reserve system that enables the mass looting of the public by the private commercial banks themselves.

The use of Marxian terminology should not necessarily be thrown out the window if its use will further the agenda of freedom and prosperity.