College Officials Shut Down Student Conservative Group After Seeing Anti-Obama Literature

Apparently the tax payer funded socialist totalitarians you like to call college administrators have decided that the spread of conservationism requires police intervention.

When a group of Young Americans for Freedom recently tried to recruit new members during rush week, the campus police promptly shut their heresy down:

(Lake Worth, FL) On Tuesday September 7, 2010 at around 11:00am one Palm Beach State College (PBSC) student and two Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) members, state chairman Daniel P. Diaz and state vice chairman Eddie Shaffer, were shut down and had campus police called on them after tabling and recruiting during club rush at the College. The PBSC student, Christina Beattie, had received prior permission from college administrator Olivia Ford-Morris to promote her organization on campus via telephone and email communication.

Prior permission shmire permission, that was before the administrator found out they would be distributing anti-communist literature:

Of course, several groups were present that obtained no formal permission from anyone, yet they were not harassed by campus police.

Common sense says that the most logical time to recruit for new campus groups is during rush week – which is why every other flipping group was allowed to recruit there.

It is important to note that the YAF is total neocon Donald Rumsfeld of supreme ultimate warmongering power organization that wants perpetual war with the entire world until the American Empire has total dominion over the planet.

I do not endorse or support the YAF in any way what-so-ever.