Dodd Homeowner Control Act

Chris Dodd is about to crap on your chest.

And you love it.

Personalliberty reports:

A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural areas and force Americans into city centers has passed the United States Senate Banking Committee and is on the fast track to passage in the Senate.

The bill is called the Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) and it was introduced by corruptocrat outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). It seeks to fulfill the United Nation’s plan Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed onto by “New World Order” President George H.W. Bush.

This bill is designed to destroy your community. According to the non-profit American Policy Center the bill:

  • Is a blueprint for the transformation of our society into total Federal control.
  • Will enforce Federal Sustainable Development zoning and control of local communities.
  • Will create a massive new “development” bureaucracy.
  • Will drive up the cost of energy to heat and cool your home.
  • Will drive up the cost of gasoline as a way to get you out of your car.
  • Will force you to spend thousands of dollars on your home in order to comply.

A carrot and stick policy will be used to get your local government to sign on. The carrot is billions of dollars in grants available if your local government agrees to amend zoning laws that restrict housing in outlying areas, forcing people to give up their homes and land and move into the city center.

The stick will be denial of the funds and bad publicity generated by “Green” organizations criticizing government officials for turning down free money.

The rub is the grants will come with strings attached that force local governments to bend to the will of the Feds.

Campaign for Liberty sent me an emergency memorandum about this via email asking for help:

Dear C4L Member,

As if Senator Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) Fed Empowerment Act weren’t bad enough to go out on, he has vowed to pass S. 1619, his “Livable Communities Act,” before he quits the Senate this year.

This bill, better called the Dodd Homeowner Control Act, was snuck through committee on August 3rd, and a final Senate vote could come as early as next week!

Nancy Pelosi has the votes to pass it in the House, and Barack Obama is sure to sign it.

I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in participating with Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and their radical environmentalist friends in their version of Extreme Home Makeover.

The Dodd Bill, in the spirit of the U.N.’s “Agenda 21,” focuses on “sustainable development” and “comprehensive regional plans.”

These are code words for government determining not only how you live in your own home, but deciding what your neighborhood looks like by using your tax dollars to bribe state and local governments into forcing your community to fit federal guidelines.

There is not a minute to lose. A Senate filibuster is the only chance to stop this U.N. power grab.

Under the guise of “sustainability” the Dodd Homeowner Control Act will create a massive new Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, likely to be under the control of a “Development Czar.”

Such a Czar would be tasked with imposing federal standards on energy, zoning, and housing that line up with the U.N.’s radical environmental agenda.

State and local laws and zoning would be wiped out.

P.S.  Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and their radical environmentalist friends want you to be an unwilling participant in their version of Extreme Home Makeover.

The Dodd Homeowner Control Act (S. 1619) has passed the Senate committee and is headed for a vote on the Senate floor possibly as early as next week.

Take action to defeat this socialist scheme by signing the petition demanding your senators oppose the Livable Communities Act which really should be named the Dodd Homeowner Control Act.

Once you have signed the petition, please call Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541 and/or email him and insist he organize the Republican caucus to filibuster this globalist power grab.

Please also call Senator John Thune, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, at 202-224-2321 and/or email him to demand the Republican caucus adopt opposition to this agenda as its official policy on the Dodd Homeowner Control Act or any similiar future attempts.

After you have signed your petition and contacted Republican leadership in the Senate, please agree to chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 – or whatever you can afford – so C4L can launch an all out grassroots mobilization effort to defeat the Dodd Homeowner Control Act.