The Most Violent Fraud Of The Century

In my previous article I laid out specifically why you were about to be living in poverty for the rest of your natural life.  In that article I talked extensively about the criminal nature of our monetary system and the fact that the government has unjustly claimed the right to give the criminal Federal Reserve a monopoly privilege over the creation of fake debt based money.

The criminal Federal Reserve system is forced upon the American public at gun point through something called legal tender laws, which I described in the previous article.  In this article, I shall demonstrate just what happens if someone were to challenge this unconstitutional monopoly privilege by the criminal Federal Reserve.

Bernard Von Nothaus was a private mint operator and owner.  The story snippet below details the use of violent force by the criminal government against this peaceful man, who was simply trying to help people protect themselves from the fraud and theft of our criminal monetary system.

The Strange Case of the Liberty Dollar

Liberty Dollars…Von Nothaus recognized the grave economic threat that is an unrestrained government with the ability to monetize debt indiscriminately. His  solution was to create a voluntary barter currency redeemable in silver, issued under the umbrella of a nonprofit entity called the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and Internal Revenue Code, or NORFED, where Von Nothaus has been mentioned in several articles as being its “Senior Economist.” [2] In 1998, NORFED introduced the Liberty Dollar, and marketed it as an alternative to Federal

Reserve Notes. The project began with the circulation of warehouse receipts representing a specified quantity of silver held in storage at a private mint. Merchants or consumers who held similar concerns about the longevity of the Federal Reserve Note’s purchasing power could circulate these Liberty Dollar receipts amongst themselves as a medium of exchange for goods and services. So long as it was voluntary, and both parties understood what they were doing, the system was untouchable

According to an article by John Christian Ryter, NORFED was investigated in 1999 by the Secret Service regarding their warehouse receipts but did not file charges, finding that the receipts did not constitute counterfeit currency because they did not contain the language “legal tender”, and that there was a sufficient amount of warehoused silver to represent the value indicated on the Liberty Dollar receipts. [3] It was not until the coins themselves began widely circulating that the U.S. Government decided to take legal action. In November of 2007, the U.S. Department of Justice conducted a raid, seizing the assets of NORFED held in a private office in Evansville, Indiana. [4] A concurrent raid was also conducted at the private mint in Idaho where the coins and warehouse receipts were manufactured and stored. [5] In the Justice Department’s own affidavit, it cites Von Nothaus’ statements to the effect that the Liberty Dollar was intended to be in direct competition with the Federal Reserve Note. [6] This seems to contradict and nullify the counterfeit claim. In spite of this, the Affidavit cited U.S.C. 18 § 492 as justification for claiming probable cause. This section of the U.S. code deals with forfeiture of counterfeit coins, material and apparatus. [7]…

Obviously one can see that the notes and coins look nothing like US currency at all.  Not only do the coins look nothing like US currency, they are also made out of pure gold and silver.  I find it utterly ridiculous to think that anyone could mistake a pure gold coin for anything produced by our outrageously criminal government.  Our own criminal government is currently trying to get rid of coins all together because they have debased the currency nearly to the point where a person can make more money by selling the coins for their melt value.

The current penny consists of a 97.5% zinc core with 2.5% copper plating.  They used to be made entirely out of copper, but the government had to do away with that since they were about to become worth less than their melt value.  A real penny today would be worth 2 cents in melt value.  A real silver dollar had a net silver content of .77344 ounce, which would be worth over 16 dollars today.

Further, the coins that were stolen from their owners by the criminal government in their violent raids against peaceful citizens are unlikely to be returned.  Since the criminal government claims the coins are “counterfeit” American money, it says that the coins can not be returned.

From the indictment, which also lists the amounts of coinage stolen by the government:

Thus, if the United States’ allegations are vindicated, the law would prevent the return of a great part of the assets, e.g. copper, gold, silver coins, to “claimants” (18 U.S.C. § 983(d), civil case) or “petitioners” (21 U.S.C. § 853(n), criminal case) who might otherwise successfully prove themselves to be “owners” and even “innocent owners.”

The only counterfeiting going on around here is by the criminal fraudsters running our Federal Reserve system.  Not only is the Fed the world’s largest counterfeiter, they are also the world’s most violent institution.  Every day, people around the world and here at home are forced to use a currency that is being devalued by the minute through U.S. government sanctioned counterfeiting operations.  Anyone that attempts to get around the fraud being perpetrated against them by transacting with real money is subject to imprisonment and will have their assets stolen.

The criminal U.S. government can not afford to have any competition against their fraudulent ponzi debt based currency.  It would cause the entire ponzi scheme to come unraveled at the seams.  Thus, the government engages in violence against its own citizens to prevent them from using real money.

Even Bernie Madoff with his gigantic ponzi scheme didn’t resort to violence.  He  had willing participants in his fraud.  The people knew what Bernie was doing when they invested in his ponzi.  They had a choice.  Today, the American public has no choice.

I hope this article has helped you see the government and its monetary system for what it really is – a mafia counterfeiting operation.

U.S. Constitution, Art. I Sec. 10 Cl. 1
“No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”

I’d also like to add that gold just hit 1300.00 an oz.

This was due to the Fed and Bank of Japan monetizing (counterfeiting) billions in debt today.

Just 40 years ago, gold was less than 40 dollars an oz.

Oh yes, allow me to demonstrate where all this fake money is going:

Presenting the chart of AAPL: the stock, which has surged from $240 to $292 in less than a month, has done so without violating the 2 Std Dev upward channel once! In other words, nobody but programs which are designed to trade within the traditional technical upward channel of +/- 2 Std Devs are doing the trading in AAPL.

The stock market is a total fraud run by computer algorithms. The Fed is actively engaged in driving the market higher with fake money to give the appearance of a recovery.

There is no recovery.

All gains in the stock market are fake.

They are a result of fake printed money being injected into the economy – which obviously destroys the value of the existing currency, thereby wiping out any real gains.

It is important to note that those who get the new money first get to enjoy its full benefit. It is only after the new money has been spent into the economy that the rest of the currency reduces in value.

Guess who isn’t going to enjoy that new money.