Terrorists In WI Assault Citizens With Violence And Extortion

Earlier this week, 5 men decided to go out for some dinner while wearing their firearms as prescribed by Wisconsin state law.

In Wisconsin, there are no regulations pertaining to the open carry of firearms.  As long as you are on public land or the property owner you are visiting approves of your being openly armed, you are free to open carry a firearm.

While they were eating dinner at a local restaurant, eight armed terrorists descended upon them and held them at gun point while they rifled through the men’s property.

After the peaceful men had been forcibly disarmed, the terrorists decided to extort money from them.   Today, these men are facing violence against them if they refuse to comply with the extortion.

The CityOfMadison.com reports:

The Madison Police Department (MPD) has conducted a review of an incident that took place this past Saturday night at Culver’s Frozen Custard restaurant, 4301 East Towne Blvd. Based upon the further investigation, Chief Noble Wray has concluded the appropriate charge for all 5 armed individuals is Disorderly Conduct (DC). Accordingly, DC citations will be issued, and Obstructing a Peace Officer tickets given to two will be rescinded.