Can Business Afford Jim DeMint?

Steve Pearlstein, of the government mouthpiece you call the Washington Post, authored an article recently entitled Can Businesses Afford Jim DeMint?

In this farce of an article, Pearlstein argues that DeMint will create gridlock in the Senate thereby forcing the Obama administration to carry out its policy initiatives through dictatorial decree.

And since no one wants a dictator, we shouldn’t elect libertarian leaning Republicans to the Congress.

I’m dead serious, this is his argument.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until next year when the Obama administration tries to do through regulation what it will no longer be able to achieve through legislation. Republican committee chairman will respond with hearings and investigations and appropriations riders in an attempt to block the new regulations. In the end, nothing will be resolved until the issues are subject to years of federal court litigation.

Pearlstein seems to think that wanting limited government is a fringe philosophy only held by extremist militias and anti-government terrorist groups.  Pearlstein also thinks you’re a bunch of children that need adults to run your lives for you.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that, once the heat of the election season has passed, cooler heads will prevail and DeMint and the other anti-government zealots will return to their rightful place on the fringes of the political system, leaving it to the grown-ups to get things done. Don’t kid yourselves. You’re about to create a political monster that you can’t control, one bent not on reforming but on destroying the institutional framework that allows an advanced industrial economy to grow and thrive.

Ooooooo the political system will be out of control if people like DeMint are elected!  Chaos will ensue! Scary!

Pearlstein bemoans the fact that his fascist big government bipartisan Congress is coming to an end:

you shouldn’t encourage a political dynamic in which the goal is total victory, compromise is considered defeat and moderates are driven out.

You see, to a liberal fascist like Pearlstein, a bipartisan Congress is just as good as an all Democratic Congress.  As long as the government is constantly expanding its power into people’s lives, he is perfectly happy.  Since Pearlstein knows government only expands and never contracts, as long as they are continuously able to pass legislation, his fascist utopia will ultimately be achieved.

Pearlstein is not alone in his support of fascism.  I find that most Democrats and about half of the Republicans favor total domination of their lives by criminal terrorists.

The people are waking up.  The problem this country has is not a lack of bipartisanship, but far too much of it.  The criminal terrorists have been running wild stealing from the masses, printing trillions upon trillions of dollars, propping up their crony corporate partners, and destroying every last freedom we have. A split Congress at least slows the rate of our descent into tyranny down.

So here’s to you Jim DeMint, I hope you cause such a total clusterfuck in the Senate that another federal law is never passed by your criminal asses again.