Tapes Prove Sharron Angle Is The Real Deal


The AP just released a hit piece against Angle, saying she was dissing the Republican establishment and bad mouthing democrats.

As if this is supposed to hurt her rather than help her.

Angle is the real deal.

AP reports:

In a secretly taped recording, Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle badmouths the GOP establishment and wheedles a minor-party candidate to support her campaign, offering help opening doors in Washington if she’s elected.

The roughly made recording offers an unvarnished look into back-room politics, with tea party favorite Angle alternately nudging and cajoling candidate Scott Ashjian, whose support could be crucial in her bid to oust Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“I’m not sure you can win and I’m not sure I can win if you’re hurting my chance, and that’s the part that scares me,” Angle says on the recording obtained by the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

Angle is a tea party favorite with a history of breaking from the GOP ranks — in the state Senate, she was known for casting lone, dissenting votes on bills. She defeated the party’s preferred candidate, Sue Lowden, in a come-from-behind victory in the June primary.

At one point she laments that the GOP leadership has “lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles.” She refers derisively to “that good old boy thing” and depicts herself as an underdog David fighting Goliath — the constricting machinery of the national party. She tells Ashjian she wants the GOP leadership “to leave me alone,” confident she knows how to defeat Reid.

Ashjian says that since 2001, he has considered Democrats and the GOP interchangeable.

“They are all thieves,” he says. Angle adds, “It’s really been since 1991.”

How awesome is that.