Establishment Media Furious Americas Don't Believe Them Anymore

I love it.

The statist criminal  media has become angered that foreign news agencies are gaining traction in their backyard.

Infowars reports:

Walter Isaacson, president and CEO of the globalist Aspen Institute, has declared Russia Today, Iran’s Press TV, and China’s CCTV as enemies…

In a speech before Radio Free Europe, Isaacson slammed these news outlets as “autocratic” and said the global elite cannot allow itself to be “out-communicated,” in other words it cannot allow contrary points of view, especially if those views are expressed by nations states ruled by autocrats.

RT’s Peter Lavelle retorts:

“…this has nothing to do with journalism.  It’s about soft-power and pushing the American foreign policy agenda.  And it looks like the chairman is a little worried that the world isn’t believing him or his organizations any more.”

Yes Peter, this is indeed about power mad statists raging against the free flow of information.

You know it is a sick twisted world when the few remaining credible news sources come from former communist states.