San Franfreakshow Has Banned Breakfast Foods

The totalitarian nannies running the insane asylum you call San Fransisco have ordered that all toys in happy meals are to be banned.


Breakfast food for adults shall be served as follows:

While all of the media buzz about San Francisco’s assault on fast food restaurants has been focused on toys found in kids’ meals, the Board of Supervisors last week decided to take a shot at regulating “breakfast items” marketed to adults, too.

According to a Sept. 27 amendment to the city’s proposed Happy Meal toy ban ordinance, “a new category of items — breakfast items — are required to contain 0.5 cups of fruit. A Meal must now also contain whole grains where bread is part of the offering.”

The amendment defines “Whole grains” as “Bread, such as a hamburger bun or other sandwhich, that is part of a Meal must be made with at least 50 percent whole wheat.”

You see, the problem is that you are simply a god damn retard that is incapable of deciding for yourself what you should eat for breakfast.

Luckily, the glorious rulers of San Franfreakshow have taken steps to protect you from yourself.

You should send them a thank you letter for eliminating the possibility that you might skip your prescribed 0.5 cups of fruit in the morning.

I’m actually having trouble coming up with sarcasm strong enough to do this outrage justice.