John Dennis Matching The Criminal Pelosi's Fund Raising

The criminal statist Nancy Pelousy has apparently been too busy to bother debating a simple plebeian like John Dennis.  Dennis has repeatedly asked her to debate him so San Fran voters could have a chance to decide for themselves who is better.

The bailout warfare queen or a real classical liberal.

Further, John Dennis has managed to match Pelosi’s fund raising, which is a fairly epic feat in itself considering the massive corporate donations Pelosi receives as kickbacks for her political favors.  Unlike Pelousy, Dennis is getting his money from the people.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Since August, Dennis has raised three times as much money as Pelosi, and the $2.1 million he’s collected so far is in the ballpark with her total. Dennis cites internal polling from a few months ago showing that roughly 35 percent of independents and Democrats in the district are growing tired of Pelosi’s leadership, and the Dennis campaign is conducting a new poll that they hope will show support growing.

“We feel really good,” he says. “Our reception has gotten a lot better, and the media attention in the district has grown exponentially in the last two weeks.”

Dennis won the endorsement of Sheehan* — who pulled 17 percent of the vote when she ran against Pelosi in 2008 — because he opposes the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Gonzalez endorsed Dennis for mostly the same reason.) Dennis wants to see the United States begin pulling out of Afghanistan even earlier than President Obama’s July 2011 goal. He’s also against the Patriot Act and would like to see a U.S. military drawdown worldwide.