Murphy vs. Krudman – The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Hundreds of fans of the Austrian School are joining the campaign to force Krudman into a debate with an Austrian scholar by pledging to make a donation to a food bank, because they realize the wonderful corner into which Krudman would be painted.  He will either have to debate Austrian business-cycle theory or explain why a New York City food bank would miss out on $100,000+ in “right-wing” money.

Bob Murphy writes:

As many readers already know, last week I launched a campaign to pressure Paul Krugman into debating me. In just the first week, this sophomoric 7-minute YouTube video has generated $35,000 in pledges. At this point, I don’t see how Krugman will ever live this down until he debates me on Austrian versus Keynesian business-cycle theory.

In the present article, I’ll give a little background of how I came up with the idea. Then I’ll point out the broader implications of this episode, which go well beyond my jousting with Krugman.