New Margarine Will Cost Double What The Original Type Costs

Thank the good Lord Almighty that our glorious leaders are keeping us safe from the unholy evils of “trans fats” (which aren’t any worse for you in large quantities than non-trans fats).

The glorious totalitarian utopia of Baltimore has issued its first citation against a poor restaraunt owner for criminal abuse of his customers.  For the sin of offering cheap and tasty products to his customer base, restaurant owner Ki Jeong was fined $100.00 for non-compliance with Baltimore’s trans-fat ban.

Refusal to obey tyrannical orders means you must be looted at gun point.

Refusal to fork over your loot will result in imprisonment.

WBALTV reports:

Jeong said he will abide by the decision but said the new margarine will cost him double what the original type costs…

“While we are pleased with the high rates of compliance we’ve seen since the ban took effect, we will continue to sanction businesses that repeatedly fail to comply,” said Commissioner of Health Dr. Oxiris Barbot.

The Health Department said more than 100 Baltimore restaurants have received warnings since the ban went into effect.

Agents said that if restaurants don’t make changes after a citation is issue, the establishment could be shut down.

Vanderbilt University writes on trans fats:

On the supposed bad health effects of trans fats: It is to be noted that nearly all of these claims suggest that further research be done in the area. Much of the discrepancy contends that research has not been able to differentiate whether these trends are a result of saturate fat or trans fatty acid.

It should be mentioned that trans fat is not bad in moderation, it is excessive intake which will more than likely be the cause of problems. It has been suggested that vegetable oils are best consumed when in their natural, unhydrogenated form, for example olive and sesame oils. The processed oil industry has argued that trans fatty acids only replace solid, saturated fats, but this is not necessarily true. Also, it has been shown that margerines and shortenings can be made without trans fatty acids. There appear to be many ways to avoid trans fatty acids, the healthiest would require individual changes in eating styles, but to do so, we must have the help of the producers.

I highlighted the last claim in red because it contains a fallacy common amongst the intelligencia.

1.  That people are too dumb to know what’s good for them, therefore our glorious rulers must step in and force “good” things upon us at gun point.

2.  That producers refuse to produce non-trans fat goods.

Of course, neither is true.  Producers WOULD produce non-trans fat goods if it was economically efficient to do so.  Since it is not, they don’t.  What the liberal ruling elite have decided is that you should be forced to pay twice the cost for trans-fat free goods because they are healthier for you.

If that’s the case, why not just ban cookies, hamburgers, and all other fatty foods since NO large amounts of fat are good for you.  As Vanderbilt notes, it doesn’t matter what type of fat you consume, if you eat a lot of it your health will deteriorate.

This whole trans-fat gig was cooked up by the producers of trans fat free products in an effort to FORCE restaurants to purchase the more expensive goods from them.  Such regulation has NOTHING to do with keeping people healthy and everything to do with cronyism and profiteering.  The notion that producers don’t want to sell trans-fat free products is ludicrous considering the higher markup and profits that come from its sale.

The problem was people didn’t want to buy it because of its cost.  The only way to get around this natural market barrier was to have the government step in with weapons and force people to buy it.