Nevada Was A Rigged Election – Reid Is A Cheating Scumbag

The following is a series of updates where I detail exactly what went down as the election unfolded:


I’m convinced the machines in Nevada are rigged.

That would be the Angle/Reid race.

All the major polling companies have been putting Angle ahead by 4%, but I’m positive the machines are rigged and we will see a Reid victory tonight.

Pajamas media is reporting issues of several people encountering Reid’s name already being checked on their machines when they went to vote.…

Of course, if there is machine driven fraud, there is absolutely no way to verify that it is taking place since the machine code that counts the votes is complied source code that can’t be viewed. If someone slipped a program in there to hose up the votes, it is next to impossible to determine.


Reid won the election with a 5% margin.

That means RCP was off by a whopping 8%

RCP projected Angle to win by a 2.7% margin. They are almost never off that far. I could believe Reid actually won fair and square if the margins were within 5%, but 8% is just too much for me to swallow.

I highly doubt this is the case.

Those machines were rigged.


Author / Historian Tom Woods writes:

A friend writes: “Reid stole the election in Nevada, in my book: 40,000 votes separated the two.  They had a con going where people in Clark County who cast votes for Angle had them turn into Reid votes.  So for each vote theft, Reid got a twofer: all they needed, in Clark and one other county, was to tamper with 20,000 ballots to make the spread 40,000.  Tom, there is no possible way, mathematically, for the most-polled race in probably the history of the Senate, with an average poll reading of Angle +2%, to go haywire with a race that was trending her way in the last four days.  This is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE.  He stole 20k votes and seems to be going unchallenged.”

Infowars backs up Tom’s claim:

In particular, suspicions have been raised after early voting reports alleged that machines in Clark County were auto-selecting Reid, the very county where Rory Reid, the Senator’s son, is county commissioner. In Clark County, a pro-Reid union also