My Conversation With A Technical Recruiter

Recruiter: “Hello, may I speak to Michael?”

Michael: “Speaking.”

Recruiter: “Hi Michael, I’m Stephanie from XXX Technical Services, I was wondering if you had a moment for me to speak with you?”

Michael: “Sure, but let me stop you right there.  I noticed you are calling from Milwaukee.  I’m currently living out in CA and I have a full time job.   So if you are looking to place me for contract work, it would have to be out in CA and be part time.”

Recruiter: “OK, so I guess you aren’t planning on moving back to Milwaukee any time soon then?”

Michael: “Well, eventually CA is going to fall off the face of the earth into a black hole of debt.  At which time, I will probably move back into my parents basement in Milwaukee.  So you will probably be hearing from me shortly.”

Recruiter: “Well then…”

Michael: “Look, all you have to do is follow the markets.  When the state of CA finally declares itself bankrupt and collapses into chaos, give me a call back.  In fact, I’ll probably be calling you back.”

Recruiter: “Ok, well… should I send you my email?”

Michael: “Sure, I’ll probably need it sooner rather than later.”