Republican congressman: I have ‘no hesitation whatsoever’ in probing Bush for torture


I will have to look into this Jason Chaffetz.

He sounds like my kind of guy.

Raw Story reports:

A newly elected Republican congressman said in a little-noticed interview Tuesday he’d have “no hesitation whatsoever” in beginning an investigation of the former President George W. Bush for torture.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Dylan Rattigan show, GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who also serves on the House Government Oversight Committee, said he’d be more than willing to join a torture probe.

“How far back do you think is appropriate?” Rattigan asked. “Because the one thing that’s not on this list is for instance a torture investigation.”

“Well, it may be on the list as well,” Chaffetz said. “I’m not afraid of going after the Bush administration. I wasn’t brought here by the establishment.

“When I ran for congressman in 2008 — I’m just a freshman here, George W. Bush, Orrin Hatch, and Bob Bennett, three Republicans, they campaigned against me,” Chaffetz added. “So I don’t mind going back and looking at ‘em. So I don’t have any hestitation whatsoever.”