Ultra-Farce Whistleblowers Law Set To Pass Criminal Congress

SF Gate reports:

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill, which supporters say will discourage leaks of classified information. The legislation would allow intelligence agency whistle-blowers to raise concerns within their agencies instead of giving classified materials to WikiLeaks or other outlets, which is illegal.


Because the Watergate tapes would have been released by government immediately.

Because the Gulf of Tonkin report by the NSA would have been declassified by government immediately.

Our glorious leaders demand we trust them to release secret whistleblowers documents rather than the free press.

Stalin would be proud.

Of course, the government is not interested in protecting the people, they are interested in protecting themselves. The government is a criminal organization of looting theives that act in the interest of international banks and special interest groups.

The criminal government seeks to stifle free speech at every opportunity and criminalize the release of obviously news worthy material in total disregard for the first amendment of the US Constitution.

It is laughable that the criminal government actually thinks it can solve the wiki leaks problem by creating its own CIA run propaganda outlet. It shows how disconnected from reality our criminal government is and to what ridiculous lengths they will go in order to keep people from hearing the truth.