Police State By The Numbers

Military Active personnel    1,477,896
Military Reserve personnel    1,458,500
Police    941,139
CIA employees    20,000
NSA/CSS employees    (classified, probably 30,000)
Department of Defense    700,000 civilian
DHS employees    216,000

Total   4,843,535

Total civilian labor force   154,000,000
Total population   308,000,000

The total number of government employees in America is 22,300,000.

Approximately one out of every 32 people of working age in America is working for the police state.

Approximately one out of every seven working aged Americans produce nothing useful that consumers desire to voluntarily purchase of their own free will.

Approximately one out of every two persons in America do not provide for themselves in anyway what-so-ever.

Subtracting out the unemployed and government workers leaves us with a mere 116 million people out of 308 million mouths to feed that are engaged in actually producing things for the market. Of course, out of this 116 million, we must subtract out all of those things that only government buys. For example, the entire defense industry does not actually produce anything useful that people can buy to enrich their daily lives.

Oh btw, just for kicks:

The total number of people collecting Socialist Security is 53 million
The total number of people collecting Medicare is 47 million