Opium In Afghanistan – What Your Tax Dollars Paid For

US Troops guarding opium crops in Afghanistan:

Let us look at this opium problem a little more:

US claims Taliban’s main source of funding is opium.

If the US shuts down opium production, the Taliban supposedly would be deprived of funding.

If the Taliban was deprived of funding they wouldn’t be able to continue fighting.

US claims it can’t eradicate the opium crop because then the farmers would turn to the Taliban, who had previously shut down opium production entirely in the country for religious reasons prior to our invasion.

Further, the Taliban should supposedly cease to exist if the US shut down the opium production since they get their funding from the opium crop. So how can the farmers turn to them if they don’t have any funding?

Does anyone else see the fatal flaw in the US’s argument here?

Of course, the question I want to know is who is profiting from the sale of the opium US troops are currently guarding?

aaaaaaaaaaaand the answer is!

Karzai’s brother is on the CIA payroll and he’s also the most of his buddies, working in conjunction with the CIA to move the drugs out of the country.

Here’s a WikiLeaks document showing he’s pardoning all the drug dealers the US military is catching.

In 2001, the Taliban had nearly eradicated the entire opium trade in Afghanistan. By 2002 after the invasion, opium production in Afghanistan was at record levels. Faaaaar higher than at any point during the Taliban’s rule.

The US led invasion was about installing drug lords to run opium out of Afghanistan, which the CIA then uses to fund its payrolls. The money is also laundered through US banks, wide out in the open, so they get a nice profit boost from the illicit drug money.

Guess who is the only politician that has a problem with this?